About US

Our journey started in 1986 by entering in Manufacturing of Personal Computers Intel 8086 by obtaining license from Central Government. It was not easy, no one start manufacturing those days, we have to offer our project report to Government of India Delhi, visit 2-3 times to get LICENSE. Once license obtained we imported wave soldering machine from USA (HOLLIS) as we were not knowing any other country manufacturing these soldering machines. Once we got license, established Factory in Mumbai. Started importing CKD kits (detail parts) of 8086 Mother Boards and kits of Add on cards kits from SINGAPORE Supplier, as such import Duty for detail parts was lower than Finished Product Computer import. We established VIRTUAL COMPUTER our Brand in Mumbai as such there were many assembling Computers by importing Mother Boards, Add on cards etc. We started from Intel 8086 then 80286, 386, 486, Pentium etc higher grade manufacturing and selling under Virtual Brand and selling only Mother Boards.

As Network Cards Started appearing in market I have taken Distribution of D-Link Brand in 1990. Within three years I felt its future, and met D-Link Taiwan Ken Kao in 1993 to have J/V to manufacture in India. The reason is LOWER DUTY for import of detail parts, manufacturing locally can save lot money. He agreed but then I realised the Network Card needs SMT line. The SMT line, Soldering lines etc. need larger space hence shifted to Goa and 1st SMT line imported in Goa and started operation in 1995.

As time passes we had several joint ventures mainly with Taiwan companies and manufacturing increased to 8 SMT lines and 1000+ People. Then the WTO agreement by India loosing benefits of manufacturing by importing parts one by one all Manufacturing Companies closed down in India and started importing Finished Products from China as better price than Taiwan.

Mr K.R. Naik
Chairman & Founder – Digisol Systems Limited

We having large setup, continued by lowering our capacity and as such SMT lines become old and scrapped one by one. As we wanted to continue manufacturing with very less load, as we scrapped one by old machine we imported FUJI NXT III SMT line 3 years back. Last year due Government of India promotion of manufacturing and introducing PLI Scheme, our manufacturing increased and we imported one more FUJI NXT lll line.


We are in manufacturing last three decades, and can expand to 8-10 SMT lines and 2000 workers if we get more business on manufacturing. SYNEGRA EMS Company is 100% owned by SMARTLINK capable of manufacturing all kinds of products just now manufacturing all kinds on Networking products from Routers to Switches, WiFi, FTTH, EVA products for export as EMS job. 

SMARTLINK is listed Company started in 1995 in Goa. Many Joint Ventures established with Taiwan Brand Companies in India mainly because of Manufacturing. Due to WTO agreement as manufacturing become not profitable, all the Venture Companies left us and have become Independent TRADING companies and doing well as Brands are established and SMARTLINK remain as manufacturing having large capacity and introducing local Brand DIGISOL.

As DIGISOL can not use the large manufacturing setup of SMARTLINK we have separated Brand company DIGISOL SYSTEM as Independent Company, which can buy locally from manufacturing company or can import from world wide ODM suppliers by sourcing products under its own Brand DIGISOL.

The manufacturing unit is SYNEGRA EMS with latest Two FUJI NXT lll lines, Soldering lines, Assembly lines, Testing lines with manufacturing expertise in many types of IT products. 

SYNEGRA just now is EMS company as SMARTLINK stopped long back its SOFTWARE and R&D unit in Bangalore after India started importing products. SMARTLINK has 500 seater ready building in Electronic City Bangalore which can be used by SYNEGRA . 

SYNEGRA has advantage of becoming ODM company if any R&D with products manufacturing interested. SYNEGRA can join any Established ODM companies to make use of ready infrastructure with expertise of manufacturing many kinds of IT, Telecom products. 

SYNEGRA is less than 15 minutes away from Airport and 30 minutes from Sea Port. Goa is a small state looking for increasing manufacturing base. It’s ideal for any established Indian companies or any Foreign ODM companies to take advantage of PLI and Government Promotion in Make in India and EXPORT also.

Future Vision

Exposure of Synegra to local and global Customers as an EMS Company

To participate in Digital India & Smart City projects thro’ JV with Companies of repute.

To enhance our capability to meet Defense, Railways and Aerospace requirements.

To have a strong focus on IoT Space & Technology Products.

Acquire Certifications as per Customer needs.

Contribute towards MAKE IN INDIA initiative.