Synegra provides excellent COB service to our renowned industrial clients with the support of our talented technical team,  and it involves the mounting of a bare semi-conductor board on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or substrate with the help of conductive or non-conductive epoxies.

Synegra is an expert in providing splendid COB services that include semi-conductor boarding. We make it happen with different techniques, either by using solder balls applied at wafer levels or by implementing an in-house stud bumping process. Synegra ensures to deliver Chip on board assembly services at a quick turnaround time. Here, we can also safeguard the die using the glob top or dam encapsulation approach.

It is a complex multi-layered board or a double-sided surface mounted design, Synegra ensures to provide high-quality service with part industrial standards to the clients. 

Synegra holds vast experience, and it helps us in knowing the exact need of clients and delivers the same to them. Our solid engineering team collaborates with the clients to derive a thorough report in creating the exact COB design that gets fit into the production cost.

Synegra has always updated in terms of technology to provide swift service according to the client demand, we go a step ahead and also help our clients to find their exact needs in terms of COB related manufacturing and provide the same.