Synegra delivers excellent service when it comes to electronics development, with the help of our technocrats, we make it happen by carefully studying our clients’ business models. We then frame the required strategy to deploy our electronic development service the right way. It is about creating a new electronic product for an industrial client or the end-consumer market we have delivered the best all these years.  Synegra is a bankable player in providing high-quality electronics design and development services, our wide-range client base tells about our expertise. Our expertise in electronics development services focuses on:

Conducting a feasibility study on electronic products 

It involves system architecture, product cost analysis, trade-off analysis, profit and risk analysis, System design analysis according to the respective compliance and regulatory, product reliability and maintainability analysis, and performing SWOT and process mapping. 

Creating new electronic product designs 

Our electronic product design includes multi-board design analysis that consists of signal integrity, thermal integrity, power integrity, reliability analysis and maintainability analysis. 

Manufacturing PCBA's 

Synegra provides a wide range of services when it comes to manufacturing PCBA’s (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) that includes: 

  • SMT and PTH technology 
  • Advanced SMT assembly 
  • Automated PTH insertion 
  • RF manufacturing 
  • Press-fit back and mid planes 
  • Device Programming 
  • Automated conformal coating 

Apart from this, we are also involved in manufacturing high-quality mounted circuits and equipment according to our clients’ needs.