Manufacturing FACILITIES

Our Plants

Our manufacturing facility is located at Verna Electronic City in Goa. It consists of a total of 4 plants covering 120,000 Sq ft of production shop floor area with SMT and Through-hole Lines. The plants are ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. The strategic location in Goa provides easy access to the international sea and airports. This effectively supports our motto of delivering quality with speed.

We have a whole SMT setup with unique integration backed up by highly skilled personnel. Presently, we have 2 SMT Lines and two Wave soldering Machines installed in Plant 2 (Shop floor Hall 18 X 50 m, 22 X 25 m and 22 X 20 m available for versatile layout). 6 SMT Lines can be housed at the Upper Ground Floor of Plant 3 (Upper Ground floor Hall 38 X 42 m & Lower Ground Floor Hall of 38 X 34 m)

We do not negotiate on quality factors. For this, we have a world-class manufacturing setup with a dust-proof and humidity-controlled environment to maintain optimum manufacturing conditions. The other qualities that our manufacturing facility possesses are:

  • Well-equipped Utilities (Chillers /Compressors/DG sets)
  • Mechanized Finished Goods storage and warehousing
  • Availability of Latest technology Equipment like- ICT, BGA Rework machines, X-ray machine, Solder paste Z-Check
  • Process Capability of Manufacturing of RoHS Products
  • Component storage and Inward Inspection facilities
  • BAR Code Shop Floor Control system for flawless process engineering
  • Integrated ERP Systems
  • Statistical Quality Assurance

Factory Area Details

Existing Area Available (Synegra): 2697 Sqm

The area is Available for Future Expansion. 6000 Sqm

Warehousing & Logistics

All activities related to warehousing and logistics are automated to minimize human errors and maximize efficiency. All the material in the warehouse is stored safely on pallets. Every product is bar-coded to uniquely identify each product. This ensures accountability for each product material. Bar-coded serial numbers are used to control the issue of materials with the help of ERP and Shop Floor Control Systems. Loading and unloading of material at the warehouse is done strictly through Hydraulic Trolleys to maintain the safety of the products. All the material handling is carried out by authorized transporters only. Safety precautions are taken into consideration at all levels for Employees like fire and the environment in the working area. All raw materials and finished goods are insured within the premises.