The system development methodology implemented by Synegra is an industry-proven successful approach that has helped our varied set of clients in building their required products. Ranging from defining the client’s need to testing the end-product, we ensure that all the involved steps are carried out in the right way to achieve the desired result. Irrespective of the complexity of the client’s requirement, our system development approach never failed to deliver the result, and we achieved it through varying the resources. Whether it is about building software or hardware or even data collection, we follow a customized approach to framing the best system development and delivering the exact solution.


Our step by step system development involves:

  • 1.

    Preparatory analysis- It involves the estimation of cost and the benefits to be incurred from the output.
  • 2.

    System analysis- Studies client requirements and defines the end goal.
  • 3.

    Designing- Onboards required features and elements to build the end product.
  • 4.

    Development- The actual construction of the end product takes place here, it is the crucial stage of the entire process.
  • 5.

    Integration- Combining the different sub-stages of the development phase to achieve the desired shape of the end product.
  • 6.

    Testing - Verifying and validating the accuracy and also the quality of the end product.
  • 7.

    Installation- Fitting the developed product to the existing setup and cross-checking for bugs.
  • 8.

    Evaluation and maintenance- It gauges the adaptability of the new product followed by maintenance.