The need for quality test bench and trial services has reached its peak with the advent of mobility fuel cell systems and stationary applications, and this demand is expected to grow further higher with the rise in demand for testing facilities.

Synegra is completely prepared to face this demand, and hence, it has expanded the test bench and trial services all these years since its inception. We at Synegra deliver world-class test bench and trial services to a wide range of industrial clients according to their business needs.

Our test bench and trial services include:

  • Design and construction of test bench
  • Qualified test analysis
  • Identification of potential optimization
  • Qualified test cells, stacks, systems, and system components
  • Engine test bench
  • Quick engine change technology
  • Emission and Performance test bench
  • Electric motor test bench
  • Climate test bench
  • Dynamic hot gas test bench
  • On-board networks and generators

Our laboratory testing methods involve

  • Automotive research tests
  • Live fuel material testing
  • Gear oil property testing
  • Seal compatibility test
  • Volatile Organic Compound testing
  • ASTM analytical test methods
  • Corrosion salt fog test for engine oils

Testing methodologies we apply:

  • Problem definition
  • Specification design
  • Calibration installation
  • Testing plan
  • Testing campaign
  • Test bench availability
  • Data Validation
  • Automatic formatting analysis
  • Simulation
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