State of The Art
Facilities For
Electronics Manufacturing Service

State of The Art
Facilities For Electronics
Manufacturing Service

Synegra, The leading
EMS provider in India

Synegra is a leading provider of engineering and manufacturing services for electronic products. Our team of experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals are equipped with state of-the art equipment and technology to handle everything from prototyping to mass production. We offer a wide range of services, including product design and engineering, OEM, and ODM services, as well as technical support, repairs, and maintenance.

Over 25+ years of EMS

SYNEGRA EMS Ltd, with SMARTLINK has 25+ years of presence in manufacturing of Networking products, Motherboards and other various printed circuit board based products

Core Manufacturing


Customer Service




Our Services

We Cover the Entire Spectrum of EMS Industry


Efficient sourcing and material management to ensure component availability in EMS industry


Expertise & modern facilities for high-quality manufacturing to produce top-notch products


Timely product delivery through streamlined logistics and efficient supply chain management.


End-to-end support & maintenance services to ensure optimal product performance.

Our Expertise

Networking Products

Trust us for high-quality networking products delivered on time with unmatched expertise.

Computer Products

We deliver superior motherboards with our unmatched manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality.

EV Products

Drive your innovation forward with our EV product manufacturing expertise - powering your success.


Transform your IoT ideas into reality with our expertise in product development and commitment to innovation


We offer high-quality telecom products with our expertise in manufacturing and commitment to excellence.


Partner with us for high-quality medical product manufacturing, from design to delivery, with precision and expertise.

Atmanirbhar Bharat

Atmanirbhar Bharat, which translates to self-reliant India, is a government initiative aimed at promoting local manufacturing and reducing Indias dependence on imports. This initiative has been extended to the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry as well, with the goal of making India a self-sufficient hub for electronic manufacturing.

One of the key initiatives under Atmanirbhar Bharat for the EMS industry is the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. The scheme offers incentives to electronic product manufacturers and EMS companies for locally manufacturing electronic components and products. This scheme is expected to boost local manufacturing and increase the competitiveness of the EMS industry.

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