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The networking industry plays a critical role in connecting people, businesses, and governments across the world. With the ever-increasing reliance on digital communication. From consumer electronics to industrial automation, the networking industry has become an integral part of our daily lives.

At Synegra, we understand the importance of reliable and secure networking solutions for our clients. Our expertise in electronic manufacturing services allows us to provide innovative solutions for networking products, from prototyping to mass production. We work with our clients to design and manufacture products that meet their specific requirements.

Our Networking Product Expertise

Enterprise Converge

Enterprise converge

Copper cabling

Fiber Cabling

Copper cabling

Fiber Cabling

FTTH Cabling

FTTH Solutions




FTTH Cabling

Switching Solutions

Industrial Switch

Chasis Switch

Fully Managed

Lite/ Smart Managed



Media Converter

Wireless Solutions

Access Points & controllers

SMB Routers

Routers & More

Range Extenders & Adapters

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Synegra has a wide range of capabilities in electronic manufacturing services, including.

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